Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Taken from my website "How to be Disabled In America" http://www.skcllc.net/

The blizzard of 2010 is all over the news with airports closed, roads blocked, streets flooded and electricity out. Whenever catastrophes like this happen my first thought is "What about the disabled?" I'm more fortunate than many in that I have a local man who comes over and shovels me out for a small charge. But I'm very aware that I'm left at his mercy. I pace from window to window while I wait for him to arrive, looking out to see if he's started yet. There's no getting to my van with all that snow in the waY. I start speaking to myself saying "When can I get out? When can I get out?" I run through my mind to be sure I've got enough supplies for a few days. No matter what the season I try to make sure I've got extra groceries and staples like paper towels and canned food in the house. I live in terror of being stuck in the house and running out of something I really need, like oxygen. I recently discovered a food delivery service called Peapod (http://www.peapod.com). I order my groceries online, pick the best delivery time and they show up at my door a day or two later. Again, I always order extra this or that so if I'm stuck because of weather or health, there are always some basics in the house. I think alot about people who don't have my options. How do they cope? Screaming might not help but it does relieve the tension. Just remember your neighbors might misunderstand. If you're reading this do you have any techniques or ideas that you use to cope with bad weather as a disabled person? Write to me at skemp@skcllc.net with the subject line "What About the Disabled?" and let me know. By the way, rain when you're wheel chair bound sucks.too.

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