Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hospital Schedules

If you've ever spent any time in a hospital you'll understand when I say its really hard to break away from a hospital schedule.  At 5am a nurse or aide magically appears at your bedside to give you your first mind boggling medications of the day, check to be sure your bed is dry and give you a light bed bath. Then, wrapped up like a baby in a swaddling blanket your covered up all warm and clean, lights out and back to sleep until breakfast time. At about 8am you're woken up for breakfast, after which you're expected, if capable, of sitting on the edge of your bed and washing yourself up.

The thing about this schedule is that it doesn't stop just because you leave the hospital or rehabilitation center. Your personal circadian rhythm keys right into it and viola - your wide away at 5am. I've been home from rehab for two weeks now and I still can't stop waking up at 5am. Its driving me nuts because I also have to lie down after lunch for that all important  afternoon nap. Being home is tougher than I thought it would be.  I've fallen twice now and because my husband wasn't home there was no one to help me get back up. Two hours lying naked on the kitchen floor is a truly humbling experience. I had to crawl to the front door to unlock it for the visiting nurse who fortunately decided to come early for her visit. She taught me how to get to the hallway steps and pull myself up just  couple of steps high enough, swing round into a sitting position then grab onto the walker and pull myself up straight. Its all about the pivot. My goal is to be able to go all the way up the stairs (14 steps) by my birthday - May 13th so send out the prayers, light the candles and keep a good thought for me.

I'm working hard on focusing on can and not can't but for a negative soul like me it ain't easy. The good news is my son and a friend came over today and moved my dresser downstairs.  Its great to stop dressing out of a clothes basket and finally have dresser drawers I can make messy instead.